welcome to lisa b pilates

Lisa’s natural ability to break down and explain Pilates movement so simply and effectively is incredibly inspiring and skillful.

Marcia Middleton

pilates academy for teachers of all levels

She has so much knowledge, fabulous enthusiasm and new ideas which she needs to share.

Annette Gillies

pilates academy for teachers of all levels

I continue to be amazed by Lisa’s seemingly endless knowledge of the Pilates method as well as her creativity. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Catherine Barrand

“It is my absolute priority to demystify the Pilates Method. My goal is to clearly communicate the fundamentals, functionality and flow of Pilates exercises so that teachers go away with a deeper understanding of the repertoire and renewed inspiration” Lisa B, Founder

The Lisa B Pilates Academy for Teachers is a continuing educational programme for Pilates teachers of all levels and backgrounds.

The Academy’s intention is to keep a deep-rooted focus on the fundamentals of traditional Pilates, whilst working in a supportive and encouraging environment to develop and evolve the method.

All teachers are encouraged to explore, experiment, question and create so that they truly understand the purpose and potential of each exercise

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