academy program

The Lisa B Pilates Teaching Academy offers a variety of equipment and mat based courses for teachers of all levels. 

Courses have limited numbers to ensure plenty of time for individual discussion and development.

Each exercise is clearly explained from a technical and biomechanical perspective, with appropriate modifications to enhance understanding of how to adapt to individual physiology.

Comprehensive course notes and online materials are included.

Follow up workshops are available to further develop individual performance and teaching techniques.

Introductory REFORMER Course

This course is an invaluable introduction into the mechanical and technical elements of the Reformer. Duration: 4 days – See course schedules Build your business; add a new skill and learn to te…

The Progressive REFORMER Course

This one-day course is ideal for those teachers who have existing knowledge and experience on the Reformer. A creative approach to challenging and progressing your clients successfully, focusing on n…

The Complete Classical REFORMER Course

Learn the complete Classical Reformer repertoire from ‘Footwork’ to ‘Control & Balance dismount’ on this very practical and dynamic training course. Duration: 4 days – See course schedul…

The Complete CHAIR

Learn a full and varied repertoire on this dynamic two-day Wunda Chair training course. Duration: 2 days – See course schedules A complete collection of beginners to advanced exercises will be taugh…

The Complete CADILLAC

The Complete CADILLAC course is an enjoyable and effective way to learn a detailed collection of exercises on the Cadillac and Tower, from beginners to advanced level. Duration: 2 days – See course …

The Springboard 1

A great introduction to the Springboard Duration: 1 day – see course schedules A great introduction to the Springboard – a popular, affordable and space-saving piece of resistance training equ…


Following the success of the HIP Pilates™ Matwork Course, and the increasing number of HIP Pilates™ teachers worldwide, Lisa B has created an online video library full of a classes, tut…