“Lisa Bradshaw has always been an inspiration to me and a huge influence on my teaching method. Either during a private session, workshop or a course she will always manage to make the most difficult movement attainable and you always leave inspired.
Her patience, knowledge and passion for movement are second to none and I can honestly say that her guidance and support have helped me to become a better teacher.”

Kate Fry, BSC Physiotherapist and qualified Pilates Teacher (BCP)

“For the last 4 years, I have attended Lisa’s legendary Classical Mat Classes, Teachers’ Reformer Classes and more recently Teachers’ Workshops and Cobham Pilates Retreats.
Lisa’s natural ability to break down and explain Pilates movement so simply and effectively is incredibly inspiring and skillful; her innovative variations exploring every move, her impeccably clear precise cuing, and her warmth, humour and encouragement all contribute to her being an amazing teacher. I have learnt so much from her and benefitted not just as a teacher but personally in my own Pilates practice as Lisa has taught me how to grow and really push myself whilst understanding and working on my own limitations.
Lisa is simply the best!”

Marcia Middleton, qualified Pilates Teacher (Alan Herdman Pilates & BCP)

“Lisa has been my greatest inspiration since I qualified as a Pilates teacher 5 years ago. I have been extremely privileged and lucky to have been able to attend her Classical mat for teachers and Advanced Reformer for teachers classes for all those years.
Her knowledge, teaching skills and style as well as her commitment and enthusiasm is second to none!
Every class with Lisa you walk away with something new, either a great variation or modification of an exercise or a fabulous cue!
Lisa has given me so much. Firstly, my own physical development. She has helped me perfect my own Pilates to a high level. Secondly she has been my mentor and given me many amazing tools to help me teach my clients. There is no way I would be able to feel competent teaching the full Classical Mat repertoire without the amazing teacher, Lisa B!
I am so excited that Lisa is going to offer new workshops. She has so much knowledge, fabulous enthusiasm and new ideas which she needs to share with other teachers. If I could I would sign up for all her workshops!”

Annette Gillies, qualified Pilates Teacher (BCP)

“As a busy and self employed Pilates teacher, taking the time to attend any sort of training can be costly both in terms of time and money. There is therefore nothing more frustrating than coming away from a course feeling that you have not really learnt anything that will help you to be a better teacher to your own clients.
I have attended several of Lisa’s training courses including Classical mat, Reformer and most recently (High Intensity Power) HIP Pilates. I continue to be amazed by Lisa’s seemingly endless knowledge of the Pilates method as well as her creativity.
Lisa is passionate about her subject (this is highly contagious!) and the course notes are remarkably comprehensive. But, most importantly, the unique way in which Lisa presents her material makes it totally understandable and incredibly practical.
I always come away from Lisa’s courses feeling that I really have developed myself as a teacher and that I am 100% confident to use what I have learnt the very next day with my own clients.
I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Catherine Barrand, qualified Pilates Teacher (BCP)


“Looking for inspiration? I have just had an amazing day with Lisa B on her HIP Pilates Course.
If you have clients new or old ready for a functional cardio Pilates challenge (the missing link) I would highly recommend this course. If you are frustrated by the clients who get stable and strong on the mat then literally run off for an endorphin release elsewhere this could be for them (& you).
As always, Lisa is a joy of Pilates passion, enthusiasm, immense knowledge and funny too. She has a unique ability to inform and inspire but not get in the way of her students progress regardless of their skill level, it’s the unique mastery of all great educators. I should fess up I am biased, she was my 1:1 teacher for over 12 years, and she literally changed my life.”

Sandie Ennis, B.Ost Osteopath and qualified Pilates Teacher (BCP)


“I have recently attended the Introductory Reformer Course at Lisa B Pilates Academy for Teachers.
We all work hard for our money, and any course we teachers chose to spend our hard earned cash on has to have high expectations. Those expectations were certainly met on this course. The teaching materials were comprehensive and thorough as was the teaching itself – having access to all the exercises on a video link was a fantastic idea and worked well as a resource at home.
I came away inspired and my clients have reaped the benefits since.
Thank you Lisa – looking forward to the Progressive Course next.”

Liz Court  Bodyworks, qualified Pilates Teacher (BCP), Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist


“In one word this course is ‘Outstanding’ and an invaluable asset to my career as a Pilates teacher .
Some of the repertoire is quite advanced and at times complex yet because of Lisa’s amazing depth of knowledge and how she explains each exercise so coherently and with so much attention to detail that even the more advanced exercises are clearly understood, hence as a result I feel well equipped at breaking each exercise down to adapt to individual clients needs.
On completion of the course I felt so much more confident as a teacher not only teaching the reformer but Pilates as a whole.
It is without a doubt the best course I have attended; I became even more passionate about Pilates if that’s even possible!
It is an invaluable course a must for Pilates teachers wanting to increase their depth of knowledge & understanding of the reformer.”

June McLucas – Sure Pilates, qualified Pilates Teacher (BCP)


“It was fascinating to explore how familiar mat work and reformer exercises transpire onto such a versatile compact piece of equipment.
I really felt like I had had a full body work out whilst challenging my core stability safely and certainly benefited from an enhanced sense of body awareness afterwards.
I started incorporating the exercises straight away with rehabilitation clients to help with a more functional holistic approach and so far have had some great results!”

Gemma Chrystyn, Chartered Physiotherapist and qualified Pilates Teacher (APPI)


“Lisa’s Cadillac course is truly inspirational. I left feeling confident to begin teaching straight away.
The way she has structured her training is so clear and accessible that the transition to teaching was a breeze! I absolutely fell in love with the equipment having previously felt intimidated by it, and like all her training session the atmosphere is so relaxed and welcoming!”

Melony Beadle, qualified Pilates Teacher (BCP), Garuda Teacher (Mat and Barre)