March 13, 2016

The Ultimate Pilates MATWORK: Principle & Progressive & Classical Series

Be fearless; teach with focus, clarity and clear intention. Join me on this 3-day Mat-based Pilates Course to enhance your teaching skills and expand your knowledge.

Go deeper into the mat system and unravel the connections of the Method. Explore how the precision of the fundamental s link all the way to the mastery of the advanced work. Improve your understanding of biomechanics and learn how to encourage more efficient and improves movement.

Increase your movement vocabulary and gain the confidence to be more creative. Find your flow and teach fluidly with seamless transitions and inspiring cues.

By understanding and experiencing the PRINCIPLE and PROGRESSIVE Series, your arrival at the CLASSICAL Series will seem logical and attainable.

This series of workshops are designed for teachers who hold a Level 3 Pilates matwork qualification. Whether you have been teaching for years or are new to teaching, Lisa promises to enhance your expertise and re-ignite your passion for Pilates. TThe workshops will focus on movements and exercises that will lead to the ultimate goal of the Classical Matwork Sequence. Along the way we will finely tune key elements of the fundamental work and clarify correct body mechanics with the intention of attaining overall precision and mastery of the Pilates method. Lisa will offer you an enjoyable and effective way to deepen your knowledge and improve your teaching skills by revisiting the fundamental aspects from a brand-new perspective, whilst also exploring the advanced elements of the method.

As well as a full comprehensive exercise manual you will also receive an instructional video with all exercises taught and demonstrated by Lisa Bradshaw.