August 5, 2016

REFORMER Innovations – Intermediate Level

This is a brand new one-day course, ideal for those teachers who have experience teaching on the Reformer and wish to increase their knowledge and progress their clients. A stimulating approach to progression that is both functional, logical and yet still creative.

Duration: 1 day – See course schedules

A  multitude of new repertoire will be taught on this course but delivered in a way that gives you so much more than just new choreography. You will explore a logical process of progression so that creating your own individual work will become an easy task.  We will also unwrap simple, yet effective techniques to challenge those clients who have the potential to progress and to support those with limitations. This workshop is a great opportunity to explore, question and review the value of the Reformer and learn the skills and techniques to ensure that the work is accessible to all.

As well as a full comprehensive manual you will also receive an instructional video with all exercises taught & demonstrated by Lisa Bradshaw.

(The manual and video from the Introductory Reformer course may be purchased by those participants who haven’t undertaken this course with Lisa B Pilates Academy).